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Motorist busted after 40 years without a driving licence

A man pulled over by police had been driving for 40 years without a licence, it has been reported. The unnamed offender, who was pulled over by the Central Motorway Police Group in the Nechells area of Birmingham for an unreported reason, admitted the revelation to police officers at the scene.

“Vehicle seized in West Mids for no insurance. Unbelievably, it appears the driver has not held a licence for almost 40 years,” the traffic police group said on Twitter. “You can’t hide forever,” it added.

Driving without a licence was not the only crime committed ─ the driver was also uninsured.

He now faces prosecution, with punishment potentially coming in the form of a £1,000 fine, driving ban and being unable to obtain a driving licence for a period of time to be decided by the judge. His car has also been impounded.

“He has committed a criminal offence, and the matter will proceed to the courts,” a West Midlands Police spokesman told the BBC. “We don’t know whether the driver had even passed his test.”

40 years is certainly a long time to get away with a crime. Perhaps the chap will now wish he’d bothered to do things the legal way.

Source: BBC

Image: Flickr


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