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Man drives 2 miles with injured cyclist on back of car, then dumps body in woodland

A driver hit a cyclist then drove for 2 miles before removing the man from the car’s smashed rear window. 

A cyclist was struck by a hit-and-run driver, who kept driving for two miles with the cyclist caught in the car’s smashed rear window. Once the driver arrived at his Pompano Beach townhouse, he removed the man and then dumped him in a wooded area behind a trash bin and bushes. Charming.

According to Fort Lauderdale police, Axel Inostroza, 27, was driving in the 5200 block of Northeast 18th Avenue around 6:30am when his 2003 Ford Mustang hit Craig Camlin, 53, who was cycling in the same direction. The front passenger side of Inostroza’s car clipped the back of Camlin’s bike, which sent him rolling onto the roof of the car and then caused him to be stuck on the back window.

Inostroza left the injured Camlin to be found by a landscaping crew at 9:00am who called an ambulance to take him to hospital. He was in critical condition, and treated for spinal injuries, a deep cut on his head, and a severed ear. 

Police say that these injuries could leave Camlin paralysed. 

Broward Sheriff’s deputies found Inostroza at a Pompano Beach body shop around 2pm that afternoon hastily trying to get the car repaired. Their suspicions grew when they noticed that the damage on Inostroza’s car was consistent with the hit-and-run. The front and rear windows were smashed and there was also blood splattered near the rear of the car.

When taken to court, Intostroza first told deputies that he had hit a stop sign, but later changed his story and confessed his horrific hit-and-run to Ford Lauderdale traffic-homicide investigators.

Intostroza also admitted to drinking before the incident. Detective DeAnna Greenlaw, Ford Lauderdale police spokeswoman, said that Intostroza’s actions after the crash were difficult to understand. She added: “Maybe it was an accident, but then you continue to drive for almost two miles, then try to dispose of the victim, who is clinging to life? You have to be completely heartless.” 

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