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Motorist walks away from 80ft cliff drop

Lucky escape for man who drove his Ford Focus over a cliff edge in Brighton.

They say when your time is up your time is up. Clearly one motorist who drove his Ford Focus over a cliff edge has more time on the clock because he somehow walked away with only minor injuries ─ which is more than you can say about the Focus.

The anonymous 33-year-old, for reasons unknown, managed to end up driving off the A259 near Brighton in East Sussex. Reports say it was in the early hours of Sunday morning when the driver dropped 80ft – that’s 24 metres, metric lovers – onto the walkway below.

Extensive damage to his Ford would be an understatement ─ the car is clearly a mangled mess of metal and fibreglass. It seems, lucky for the driver, the car took the brunt of the damage as he was able to get out of the car, walk to some nearby rocks and wait for the emergency services to rescue him.

Adding to the lucky escape is the fact the car fell within metres of an under-cliff promenade, which if hit could’ve made the outcome a lot worse.

“A second ladder was installed to use as a slipway and the casualty was secured into Newhaven Coastguard’s rescue stretcher and then using some of our cliff rescue equipment we were able to slide the stretcher up the ladders,” a coastguard spokesman told the BBC.

“With nine members of various agencies on the three ropes and two of the Newhaven team at the top of the ladder, we were able to bring the casualty up from the beach where he was handed into the care of paramedics,” he added.

Authorities later recovered the car and are now working out why the motorist came off the road in the first place. It’s not clear whether alcohol or other substances were involved.


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