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Motorists buying car plates with missing aircraft ‘MH370’ flight number

Missing airliner tragedy inspires personalised plates.

A couple of New Zealand motorists have bought MH370 number plates in a bid to memorialise the tragedy of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. 

The curious choice of registration plates by NZ motorist
The curious choice of registration plates by NZ motorist

One plate with the flight number has been photographed on a Holden vehicle and the observation has sparked controversy over whether the purchase is appropriate.

Jeremy Lubeck, owner of Personalised Plates, said ‘MH370’ and ‘MH37O’ had been sold for $599 (£307) each. The latter has been requested in bright red lettering.

New Zealand is renowned for its restrictions on inappropriate baby names, and there are restrictions on what number plates can be registered. Another personal registration plate business owner commented that he felt the plates were ‘a bit shocking’ but said that plate sales associated with world events was not uncommon. 

Plate requests with associations to illegal substances, discrimination or bad language are denied. Motorists cannot defame public figures or breach intellectual property either.

Spokesman for Transport Agency, Andrew Knackstedt, said the reasons behind the purchase of such plates was not always obvious, commenting: “You have to see how it will be viewed by society at large. It is subjective, but we still need to draw that line somewhere.”

These motorists weren’t the only ones to be judged for their choice of registration plate. A man in the West Midlands was jailed for seven years, after riding around with the plate ‘S20LUN.’ It appears the ‘stolen’ plate was a taunt to police, who after a lengthy investigation arrested the kingpin of a stolen car operation. 

We spotted ‘M11 NXT’ and ‘M16 SPY’ which we think are pretty cool. What’s the best personalisation you’ve ever spotted? Comment below or tweet @RecombuCars



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