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Motorists confident they would ace practical driving test but not theory

Rarely would somebody admit to being a bad driver, but it turns out we’ll happily admit our inadequacies in the theory test department.

Could you ace a repeat of your driving test?
Could you ace a repeat of your driving test?

Research by GEM Motoring Assist, a UK-based road safety and breakdown company, found roughly 50 per cent of respondents felt they would pass a theory test if they had to take it again, while 41 per cent were unsure what the outcome would be. Only a third believed they would ace the theory test if they had to re-take it now.

People were more confident about passing the practical driving test. 76 per cent of those polled said they would pass it again, and nearly the same per cent of people claimed they would be less nervous about the whole ordeal than they were the first time around.

What this shows is that the highway code may have gone in one ear and out the other following the theory test, but drivers still think they’re able to temporarily disguise bad driving habits, such as crossing their arms while steering or avoiding the handbrake like the plague, for the duration of a practical test.

Just over a quarter of respondents would find parking and reversing the first and second most likely way to fail a re-test, respectively.

Though motorway driving, often perceived as a scary proposition by less confident drivers, wasn’t mentioned in the results, nobody thought they would fail because of the way they drive on a dual-carriageway.

CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, David Williams, commented on the findings: “It’s great to see that, as a nation, we are very confident in our driving ability. It would certainly be a worry to have motorists on our roads who believe their driving has got worse.”

“However, it is less pleasing that drivers seem to have forgotten everything about the theory test since they passed it however many years ago. A lack of knowledge of the Highway Code could lead to a serious accident so we do urge drivers to keep as up to date as possible,” he added.


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