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Motorists fined after no parking signs are erected in their absence

When you park legally in an empty space, the last thing you expect is for the city to erect new ‘no parking’ signs in your absence. But that’s exactly the fate suffered by dozens of New York motorists, who were fined when parking laws were changed in their absence. 

CCTV footage shows city workers altering the parking restriction signs on West 15th Street at the weekend. Prior to this, restrictions prevented parking on Mondays and Thursday between 8:30 AM and 10 AM for street cleaning. However new signage was erected preventing parking at any time.

Shortly after the signs were changed, wardens appeared on the scene and began issuing tickets that will set car owners back $115 a pop.

“I saw out of my window that they were issuing tickets to all the cars,” commented Jose Cherrez, whose car was parked at the scene. “I don’t think it’s fair — if we would have got a warning that we weren’t supposed to park there.”

According to local residents, the signs were erected to prevent traffic parking in front of bicycle racks for the city’s bike sharing scheme. However those affected are understandably miffed as the scheme doesn’t start until next week.

All may not be lost for those who’ve been hit with a fine. The Department of Transportation issued a statement saying: “any motorist who believes they received a ticket in error can contest it through the Department of Finance, which adjudicates violations.”

Via: NBC News


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