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Motorists spend nearly a third of a year trying to park

Statistics claim the average adult spends six months of their life waiting in queues, and it gets worse. New research says we spend another 106 days just looking for somewhere to park.

This guy has taken two spaces... Better make that 212 days wasted.
This guy has taken two spaces… Better make that 212 days wasted.

Website found that the average motorist spends 2,549 hours driving laps around local town centres, shopping malls, schools and airports in an attempt to park our rides – equating to 106 days over the course of the average lifetime.

The survey found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that London was the worst place to find a space. Drivers in the busy capital were said to spend 20 minutes on average trying to park, while Bristol, Manchester, Southampton and Wolverhampton motorists spend more than ten minutes circling aimlessly.

“Driving can be stressful at the best of times, and arriving at your destination to find there is no parking only adds to drivers’ woes,” CEO Alex Stephany explained. “However it’s not just motorists it affects, our towns and high streets also suffer from the shortage of convenient parking.”

“Waiting anything up to twenty minutes for a parking space ultimately encourages people to use out of town shopping centres or shop online,” he added.

Across the UK, the average time it takes to park in the UK is six minutes and 45 seconds, according to the research.

ParkatmyHouse is a website that helps drivers find pre-booked private parking spaces, garages and driveways to leave their car for a fee set by the space owner. An iPhone app is available that offers the same functionality as the website.

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