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Motorists to spend twice as long in traffic by 2040

Drivers already spend a great deal of time staring at the backs of stationary cars, and sadly it looks as if the problem is only going to get worse.

According to new government predictions, UK motorists could be spending up to twice as much time enduring delays on major roads by the year 2040.

The Department for Transport estimates the number of cars on UK roads will increase from 28 million in 2010 to 38 million by 2040, increasing delays by an eye-watering 114 per cent and reducing the average road speed by 8 per cent.

In real terms, this would mean a whopping 15 per cent of cars would be stuck in a traffic jam at peak times.

These figures are based on a 20 per cent rise in population and an increase in prosperity and living standards and economic growth. However congestion could be even worse if the cost of motoring falls as a result of cheaper, more efficient cars.

Should the population increase even more quickly than expected, the DfT predicts a worst case scenario of 30 per cent of all cars being stuck in traffic jams at peak times.

The government recently announced an investment of £28 billion to build more roads and add more lanes to the busiest stretches. But even with such action being taken, the DfT still fears the UK road network will struggle to take the load.

“With constrained road space, road traffic growth means greater pressure on the network and therefore higher levels of congestion,” the study said.

It’s not all bad news, though. The Department for Transport believes the cost of motoring will have fallen by 24 per cent in 2040. So although you’ll be going nowhere fast, at least you’ll be saving a bit of cash in the process.

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