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Mountune Ford Focus ST performance kit to offer more bang for your buck

Love your Ford Focus ST but want a power hike that keeps your warranty intact? You’re in luck as an official performance kit has been announced.

The Mountune kit, known as the ‘MP275 Focus ST Performance Upgrade’, comes with a number of parts that boost performance and power, including an induction kit, high flow intercooler, mTune handset and a Mountune badge because aesthetics matter, too.

Slapping the kit onto a Focus ST takes power from 252 to 275hp and torque up to 296/b/ft, an increase of 23hp and 26lb/ft of torque, respectively. That brings it more in line with the all-wheel drive Focus RS, which will deliver in excess of 318bhp when it arrives in 2016.

Those figures are from the US version of the kit, it must be said. Ford confirmed the kit will be coming to the UK but is yet to spill the beans on specific details so it may be a tad more powerful. Or not. Either way, it will bring the 0-62mph time down from 6.5 seconds and that’s a very good thing.

Ford is offering the kit on the US Mountune website for US$1,900, which seems like a bit of a bargain given the power increase is noticeable and is officially backed by Ford.

The Ford Focus ST made our list of the ten best hot hatchbacks so it’s still worth buying, especially when a power hike brings it more in line with rivals such as the VW Golf R and Seat Leon Cupra 280.

Update: The Mountune UK website has been updated and shows the power output as 275PS (271bhp) and 400Nm of torque.


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