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Mourinho supercar teased by Mansory and Raff House

A bespoke supercar called the Mourinho will be built by Raff House and Mansory.

Owning a supercar is a dream for many, but Chelsea manager José Mourinho has gone one better. Supercar tuner Mansory and purveyor of expensive things Raff House have teamed up to create a bespoke machine named after the Chelsea manager.

Mourinho will have some input on the mystery machine, of which only 11 examples will be built. A €2million price tag has been mentioned, but if you have to ask this is not the car for you.

Reports say the Mourinho will feature a 750hp engine, most likely a V12, lightweight carbon fibre body and chrome-plated aluminium on the exterior instead of a typical paint job. In short, it has every reason to be scarily fast.

Given that some of Mansory’s creations are a bit Fast & Furious for our liking, we’re not holding out for anything particularly beautiful, but we may be pleasantly surprised. Money can’t buy taste, but it does at least allow you to stand out from the crowd.

The Mourinho supercar is expected to arrive in 2014, with more details likely to emerge after Santa has been and gone.

“This is incredible – to have your own car in the most straightforward sense of the term, a car built to fulfill all your desires and needs,” José Mourinho said to Raff House. “I’ve always dreamed of a car uniting the best of Ferrari and Aston Martin – a powerful engine with perfect comfort and class. This is what the Raff House supercar is expected to be like.”

If the football manager supercar trend takes off, expect the Arsene Wenger people carrier and the David Moyes SUV to follow shortly.


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