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My Canary app tells when you are too stoned to drive

Being unfit to drive could land you in trouble with the police so it’s reassuring to know there is now an app that works out if you should be behind the wheel.

The My Canary app on iPhone calculates your mental and physical state by testing your memory, reaction times, balance and time perception. It was created to help marijuana users in US states where it is legal to get high.

It can also be used to assess impairment from fatigue, alcohol and medication using the aforementioned tests, which includes seeing six random numbers on screen and typing them in order, balancing on one leg and pressing the correct shape as quickly as possible.

The test is taken sober to create a ‘baseline’, which allows the app to know when you are in a normal state and calculate how impaired you are. Creating a personal profile is said to take five to ten minutes.

Once the baseline test is done and you have taken the four tests the app gives you a performance rating, from a green light that says you are okay to amber for ‘performing below normal’ and red for ‘performing at a very low level’.

The app was developed by Marc Silverman, a former engineer who is said to have a background in performance assessment.

Speaking to the ABC 7 News, Silverman said: “The public would be a lot more accepting if they felt more comfortable that people were driving safely and performing safely and there should be an easy test to help determine if you’re impaired.

“I’ve worked with NASA astronauts and professional baseball players and Parkinson’s disease patients. So this is my pedigree.”

The app admits it is unable to guarantee you are safe to drive, but said it gives an ‘accurate snapshot’ of your current physical and mental performance.

No doubt some motorists will shun the app based on the fact it costs US$4.99 (£2.99), especially when can easily just stay out of the car if unsure, but it could work out cheaper than a fine or losing your driving licence.

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My Canary iPhone app video


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