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Mystery of the giant motorised foot in Balham solved

Police were so baffled by a man dressed in foil driving a giant motorised foot they decided to enlist the help of the internet, it has emerged.

Wandsworth Police took to Twitter to try and kick people into investigating by tweeting a picture of the weird contraption along with the following words: “Spotted near Balham Tube, a typical day in Wandsworth… (anyone have an explanation?).”

Naturally, the internet decided solving the mystery was secondary to shoehorning in plenty of foot puns, including “something was afoot” and that police should get some “foot patrols to look into it”. Others warned police to “tread carefully” and that it must have been a “toe truck”.

Fortunately one Twitter user stepped up to the challenge and had an actual sensible answer. Turns out, the vehicle is called Bigfoot and was created by The Bureau of Silly Ideas to advertise the upcoming Wandsworth Arts Fringe festival, which begins on the 6th of May, 2016. Case closed.

Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival is a predominantly free festival that allows visitors the chance to ‘enjoy street performance, family workshops, exhibitions, music and dance’.

We will let you come up with your own jokes about the motorised foot’s carbon footprint, but we will say this little marketing campaign really nailed it… Don’t worry, we’ll show ourselves out.


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