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New Apple iPhone iOS 11 feature blocks your phone when driving

Phone distraction is a major cause of accidents when driving. To combat this, Apple has introduced a new feature for the iPhone as part of the new iOS 11 update.

The feature may have the clunky name of ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ (DNDWD for short-ish), but it’s an elegant solution to a growing problem that involves drivers using their phone while driving.

If you get into a car and fail to use Apple CarPlay, DNDWD will mute any notifications you get and keep the screen dark. So there is less chance of being distracted by a link to a Buzzfeed article about llamas.

It can even automatically send a reply to anyone who contacts you so that people are aware you are driving and will hopefully refrain from attempting to contact you until you have arrived.

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Working out whether you are moving in a car is said to be achieved using a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi although the specifics are currently unclear. Passengers can override the feature manually, but in all cases it will turn itself on automatically.

New mobile phone laws: What happens if I am caught?

Apple will rollout the feature as part of iOS 11, which is expected to arrive in the Autumn (Fall) for the iPhone 5S and newer devices. The new operating system update was announced at Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WDC).

The government recently clamped down on those caught on a phone while driving. The penalty point fine has been doubled, meaning a young driver could lose their licence after being caught just the once.

17,586 motorists were charged for using a mobile phone at the wheel in 2015.

An RAC study from 2016 found that there had been a rise in the number of teenage motorists who admit making calls and sending texts while driving.


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