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New Ford Mustang: Ludicrous 700bhp tuning package has arrived

The new Ford Mustang V8 is already healthy in the horsepower department, but those who crave more will be happy to know a serious tuning package is now available.

Supercar dealer Clive Sutton announced its Sutton Bespoke tuning programme for the right-hand drive 2.3-litre EcoBoost and the V8 Mustangs. There are three levels of insanity to choose from and all are designed to ‘enhance the performance, handling and styling’.

CS700 is the main event, which increases the 5.0-litre V8’s output by 68 per cent. That means 700bhp instead of the usual 416bhp, thanks to the use of a new quad tail pipe active exhaust system, Whipple supercharger, larger throttle body and uprated injectors.

The CS700 package also comes in a slightly less bonkers power output – although its 55 per cent increase to 645bhp is still hardly modest.

Below that is the CS500, which is the second and last tuning package for the V8. By adding an upgraded cold-air intake, power jumps to 440bhp.

Owners of the 2.3-litre EcoBoost have not been left out, as the CS350 Power Package takes power up to 330bhp and shares the CS700’s quad tailpipe active exhaust and bespoke rear valance.

All packages benefit from Active Exhaust Control, which allows the volume and tone of the exhaust note to be adjusted, with Touring, Sport, Track and Custom settings available.

An optional Appearance Package (£3,240) adds a carbon fibre decklid panel, chin spoiler, rear wing and side skirts, painted wing mirrors, gloss black ‘Pony’ emblem and gloss black ‘5.0’ wing motifs to the already lairy American styling.

Meanwhile the Ride Package (£6,090) provides KW coilovers and adjustable springs at the front, matched dampers at the rear and a 30mm reduction in ride height for a more aggressive stance.

Bigger brakes can be specced, too, as part of the £1,975 Brake Package, which includes upgraded slotted lightweight discs and two-piece rotors that are said to be better at managing heat.

For those who want even more customisation to make their ‘stang stand out, Sutton Bespoke offers a ‘tailor-made’ service. So pink and yellow polka dots on the bonnet is probably doable if you are happy to pay for the privilege.

The CS700 package costs £14,510 and a further £1,150 for the Extended Power Package that adds a larger throttle body and carbon fibre inlets. The CS500 and CS350, meanwhile, cost £4,990 apiece.

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Ford Mustang CS700 tuning package pictures


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