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New Mercedes S-Class Coupé leans into corners

New S-Class has optional Swarovski crystals in the headlights and can lean into corners.

Mercedes has released details of the Mercedes S-Class Coupé, which will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The news comes in the wake of a leaked photo of the luxury cruiser that found its way onto the internet.

The two-door Mercedes S-Class Coupé, which will replace the CL, is based on the same underpinnings as the S-Class Saloon but has more aggressive styling. Or as Mercedes member of the board of management and ex-AMG head Ola Källenius put it: “The ultimate in aesthetic sportiness.”

An interesting aspect of the S-Class Coupé is a ‘curve tilting’ function built into the Magic Body Control suspension system that allows the car to lean into a bend in an attempt to ‘produce a more pleasant motoring experience’. A stereo camera reads the curvature of the road up to 15 metres ahead, while each corner of the suspension reacts independently to adjust the angle of the car by up to 2.5-degrees.

LED headlights with 47 Swarovski crystals are optional. 17 angular crystals are used in the daytime running lights, while the remaining 30 make up the indicator lamps. How’s that for bling?

Inside the new S-Class Coupé is a centrally-located two-part wide screen – one part for infotainment and the other for digital dials. An optional touchpad controller allows the driver to use their finger to write out a letter instead of the conventional selection method.

Those who fancy certain functions such as navigation directions projected onto the windscreen can opt for the head-up display.

Power for the S-Class Coupé comes from a V8 biturbo that produces 455hp (449bhp) and 516lb/ft (700Nm) of torque. No performance figures are given but you can expect a sizably helping of performance when you need it.

A price or release date is yet to be revealed. Think six-figures, though, as the current car already approaches nearly £100,000.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupé images


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