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New Range Rover Sport pictures leaked

Earlier this week we told you Land Rover would be unveiling its new Range Rover Sport at a special event on the streets of New York ahead of the NY Auto Show, but we were wrong. Like so many eagerly anticipated objects of desire, it’s just been outed prematurely on the Internet by somebody who probably didn’t have permission to do so.

What you see here are pictures of the new Range Rover Sport uploaded to a window tinting forum by a user going by the name ‘art of tint’. He posted the shots of the car claiming to have tinted its windows for a television commercial on Land Rover’s behalf. We’re guessing, based on the fact Land Rover has been incredibly secretive about the Range Rover Sport, that outing it in a public form wasn’t part of this guy’s remit. 

At this precise moment Mr. ‘art of tint’ is probably fielding several angry phone calls from Land Rover reps and making a few of his own to his lawyers.

While we await Land Rover’s response to all of this, we can at least have a good old gander at the new Range Rover Sport, which appears larger than the outgoing model and inherits several Evoque styling cues. There are Evoque-style fog lights and wheel arches, and the car ditches the hefty side air vents on the standard Range Rover in favour of smaller units.

At the side, the new Range Rover Sport features prominent side skirts and the rear of the car is home to that giveaway ‘Sport’ badge as well as a large roof spoiler, plus an Evoque-inspired diffuser and bumper.

There are no clues as to what sort of engine the new Range Rover Sport will use, but we can expect a similar selection to the standard car (diesels, a supercharged V8) as well as a likely hybrid setup.

In all, it’s pretty much what we expected – a sportier version of an already brilliant car. Roll on New York. Oh, and a word to Land Rover – next time do the tinting in house, eh?



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