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New smartphone app helps motorists contest parking fines in California

A new app claims to hand power back to the driver by allowing them to contest unfair parking fines. 

A new app called ‘Fixed’ is letting drivers contest unfair parking fines. All the driver has to do is download the free app, which is currently being trialled in California, and take a photo of the parked car which just got handed a ticket. The driver will then have to take a photo of the parking fine, enter the violation code, and it will then access a database to find the best way of fighting the ticket.

Drivers will also be presented with common parking ticket errors, and they can also provide any supporting evidence on the case. Fixed will then prepare a contest letter for the driver, which will come with photographic evidence, and will send it to the appropriate department on the driver’s behalf. 

David Hegarty, who helped come up with the app, said: “After paying four parking tickets one morning, I came out to my car and found another two. I nearly screamed. The tickets were complete rubbish, and I knew they had been erroneously issued. So I figured out how to contest them, collected my evidence and submitted my appeal. I won both.”

Mr Hegarty added: “After that, I started contesting all my tickets, and I discovered I had a pretty good hit rate. There are a 1,000 different parking ticket rules, they are horrifically hard to understand, and the parking wardens have to make hundreds of decisions each day under pretty stressful conditions.” 

Hegarty concluded that, overall, the app has been made to “give the driver a voice.” The app is free to download but the company charges 25 per cent of a successfully contested ticket.

Do you like the sound of this app? Ever been a victim of unfair parking tickets? Share your story in the comments below.


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