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New Spania GTA Spano to produce 900bhp

Spanish car manufacturers are as rare as rocking horse feet, but there are a couple knocking about including one Spania. The little-known boutique supercar maker is doing its best to make an impression on the wider world by unveiling an updated version of its existing GTA Spano.

Before you laugh at the absurd name, take a moment to consider the fact the GTA Spano is powerful – very powerful. The existing car uses the 8.3-litre V10 engine from a Dodge/SRT Viper and produces a very respectable 820hp. However for this new model, its output has been cranked up a few notches to a frankly bonkers 900hp. Torque is off the scale and has had to be electronically limited to 737lb-ft (999Nm).

Performance figures are, unsurprisingly, terrifying. Expect 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and a top speed somewhere north of 217mph.

We’re guessing weight is a huge contributor to this car’s performance. The previous model was constructed of things like Kevlar, carbon fibre and titanium, and weight a mere 1,350kg, which is basically nothing in car terms. Spania has yet to confirm the weight of this new model, but if we expect it’ll be similarly waif-like.

There’s no word on price as yet, but acccording to Spania only 99 GTA Spanos will be produced, so expect it to sell out quickly even if it does cost the earth.

The car is set to go on show at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Via: Pistonheads



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