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Stay frosty: Meet the Nissan 370Z Snowmobile

Ever wanted a Nissan 370Z roadster, but live somewhere snowy? There is now a bright orange and yellow solution, known as the 370Z Snowmobile, which is unlike its road-based counterpart.

The Nissan 370Zki – a play on ‘370Ski’, if you were curious – uses the 370Z Roadster as a basis. Except instead of wheels it has bits of metal jetting out at the front that act as skis and at the back are snow tracks. To make it work, Nissan had to modify the rear wheel wells, exhaust system, brake line route and suspension.

Not only does this enable the 370Z Snowmobile to plough along roads that would otherwise be a deathtrap for the rear-wheel drive Japanese sports car, it also has the added benefit of lifting it off the floor. Who says you need an SUV to feel high and mighty?

The more cynical readers among you could, of course, point out that this seems like a shameless way to remind consumers the 370Z still exists. It was, in fact, updated in the middle of 2017 although the list of changes make it a very modest update, indeed. For a car that is about a decade old.

To be fair, the 3.7-litre V6 churns out 323bhp and that makes it very fast and noisy so Nissan never really had to worry too much about the performance. It has also aged far better, aesthetically-speaking, than its 350Z predecessor.

Running costs will be high, though. High being a claimed 26.6mpg (not that you will ever see that unless going down a hill with the ignition off) and CO2 emissions of 248g/km. On the flip-side, the standard MY18 370Z costs from £29,185 and is slightly better specced than the MY16 car. The 370Z Nismo costs from £39,975.

As for turning your 370Z into a snowmobile? Funnily enough, Nissan never mentioned a price – and we doubt it is unlikely to become an official option soon. Your best bet is taking a pile of cash to someone with the engineering know-how and hope for the best.

Video: Nissan 370Z Snowmobile ‘370Zki)


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