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Nissan GT-R Nismo enters Porsche 911 Turbo S price territory

You best take a seat, Nissan has revealed the price of the GT-R Nismo edition and it is eye-watering, to say the least.

The flagship Nissan GT-R Nismo was unveiled alongside other models in the range but only now do we know how much it costs. In case you were interested, it is £149,995 in the UK and €184,950 in Germany and France.

For that money, you get the standard GT-R’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6, but with an extra 30PS, taking the total to 600. It also features the same six-speed dual-clutch paddleshift gearbox and all-wheel drive for savage levels of traction.

To be fair to Nissan, the GT-R Nismo does come with unique extras such as a new front bumper made entirely from carbon fibre and aerodynamic revisions to give it more downforce than any other production Nissan to date.

The GT-R Nismo also gets unique Recaro carbon bucket leather seats with red Alcantara inserts for a touch of sporty attitude and luxury. Meanwhile more Alcantara can be found on the redesigned dashboard, steering wheel and armrest.

Nissan says the new GT-R Nismo is nearly two per cent better faster than its predecessor when it comes to slalom times and cornering potential, which it was always going to be when the engineering team was allowed to beef up and refine the Nismo’s suspension setup.

On the subject of ride quality, the standard GT-R in the range was softened up to make it a more effective tourer, but the performance is still brutal. 0-62mph takes around three seconds and the pace after that is best described as unrelenting. The Nismo version is a return to its less forgiving predecessor.

Paying a lot of money for a supercar is easily done these days, more so than ever, but a big part of the Nissan GT-R’s appeal was that it could destroy cars at three times the price. That is difficult to achieve at £150,000 – nearly double the price of the base GT-R.

Pound for horsepower, the GT-R is still a beast but there are plenty of more exotic cars in the same ballpark as the Nismo with superior performance. Porsche 911 Turbo S? Audi R8 V10 Plus? A low-spec Ferrari 488GTB? That is a tough crowd to be in.

The new Nissan Nismo GT-R will be available to buy in the UK on the 1st of November, 2016. Stay tuned for our official verdict.


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