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Nissan Juke Box is the most powerful car stereo ever

Nissan has cranked the Juke up to the next level. The company claims it has produced a special edition version of the popular crossover, known as the Juke Box, that features the most powerful car stereo system in existence.

Love music? Hate your ears? Well hop into the Juke Box and crank it up... ooh... level 1 should do it.
Love music? Hate your ears? Well hop into the Juke Box and crank it up… ooh… level 1 should do it.

Turn the knob on the dashboard and you can expect to be pummelled by enough noise to wake the dead and kill the living. It’s capable of producing up to 150db, which is roughly the same amount of noise made by a jet taking off from 25 metres away. Dial it up all the way to 11 and it’ll probably be the last thing you ever hear (just 85Db is sufficient to cause permanent hearing loss).

The Juke Box was designed in conjunction with the folks behind Ministry of Sound, who drew inspiration from a sound system in their London nightclub known as The Box — a five-sided room within a room it claims is ‘acoustically perfect’.

The pair worked with Martin Audio to recreate the same effect in the Juke. The result is a 19 kilowatt rig that includes a set of custom made cabinets and enclosures housing two 18-inch subwoofers and the same Mid Hi enclosures that are used in the nightclub.

When it’s not rendering your eardrums useless, the Juke Box can be used as a radio studio. It allows anything that’s played via its speakers to be broadcast via Ministry of Sound’s digital radio app.

Sadly, the Juke Box’s stereo system isn’t being offered as an option on standard road-going Jukes. If you want to get near one, you’ll need to head out to France, where you’ll find it being used around Le Mans, kicking off pop-up parties and serving as a PA system.

It’ll then head off on a tour across Europe to series of venues, broadcasting tunes via the Ministry of Sound digital radio channel. We don’t know exactly where it’ll be, but we’re usre if you pop your head out the window and follow the noise you’ll find it eventually.


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