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Nissan just broke the fastest drift world record in a GT-R

Nissan has made a GT-R go sideways very, very fast as part of an attempt to get into the Guinness World Records.

Nissan Middle East released a video on its YouTube channel that shows a 1,380hp GT-R driven by Kawabata Masato, a Japanese drifting series champion who knows how to shred rubber in controlled fashion.

The aim was to reach 218km/h (135mph) and drift at an angle of 30 degrees. With the help of the 3km long Fujairah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, Nissan had all the ingredients it needed to beat the current record.

And beat it, it most certainly did. Just after blasting up to 350kmh (217mph), Masato initiates the handbrake and sends the specially tuned GT-R into a sideways drift. The result is one epic slide at a speed of 304.96km/h ─ an official Guinness World Record.

It actually broke the record three times on the 3rd of March 2016, but obviously the fastest record counts and that’s what will now need to be beaten by any would-be contenders.

While the stunt itself is incredibly impressive, the video never actually shows the complete drift in action, which is somewhat anti-climatic. One YouTube commenter rather angrily said: “Congratulations, you showed absolutely NOTHING!” Another complained about the slow-mo ending.

One pointed out that a drone hovering over the runway would have captured the moment perfectly and we’re inclined to agree, but a video is better than no video.

Video: Nissan GT-R breaks Guinness World Records fastest drift record


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