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Nissan preps sporty Nismo and RS versions of Juke, GT-R and 370Z

Fed up with your bog-standard Nissan? Well fret not because the company looks set to bust out performance-enhanced Nismo and RS sersions of its existing vehicles.

The Nismo Juke promises more power and better handling.
The Nismo Juke promises more power and better handling.

First up will be a fresh take on the bug-eyed Juke. In its Nismo form, you can expect the Juke to pack 18-inch wheels, bright red wing mirrors, racing stripes and a sporty body kit to make it look even less like anything else on the road. Some fine-tuning to its 1.6-litre engine will bring total power to a punchy 215bhp — an increase of 28hp over the ordinary model.

Next to get the Nismo treatment will be the electric Leaf. This version of the car will gain a jump in power from 110bhp to 125bhp and will ditch the Earth-friendly blue accents for red Nismo colouring.

Rounding off the new Nismo additions to the UK will be Nismo GTR and Nismo 370Z variants.

Speaking to Auto Express, Nissan executive vice president, Andy Palmer, said: “Nismo versions will get a power hike of 15 percent, but the focus will be on distinctive styling. We’ll also tune the suspension and steering, so customers can get more out of the power they have.”

Palmer added that the Nismo brand will represent “an affordable alternative to Mercedes’ AMG”. But if they prove a bit tame, the company¬†has also promised further ensoupened RS version of its GTR supercar (set to arrive in 2013) as well as a 370Z RS and a 270bhp Juke RS.

More on all these as we get it. While you wait, feast your eyes on the Juke Nismo and let us know how you feel about it in the comments below.

Source: AutoBlog
Image: Nissan via Auto Blog

Think of Nismo as a sort of AMG for Nissan.
Think of Nismo as a sort of AMG for Nissan.

The Nismo Juke promises 215bhp -- 28bhp more than the standard car.

The body kit should be enough to convince boy racers that they're in for a tough time against you at the traffic lights.

If the Nismo model isn't fast enough, Nissan is also working on an even beefier RS model.


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