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Nissan to release one off Batman-themed Juke Nismo

There are more versions of the Nissan Juke than you can shake a stick at. There’s the standard family car, a Juke R supercar killer, the forthcoming hot hatch-inspired Juke Nismo and a version of the Nismo inspired by the Batmobile.

Nissan has built a one-off Batman-themed Juke, which you can win as part of a competition.
Nissan has built a one-off Batman-themed Juke, which you can win as part of a competition.

The Dark Knight Rises Juke Nismo, as it is known, was designed by the Japanese auto maker to celebrate the launch of The Dark Knight on Blu-ray and DVD. and the release of the latest Batman film. While there’s a distinct lack of jet engines hanging out the rear of this Juke, it does pack some impressive Batman-inspired enhancements.

It will come in a fetching matte black colour, there’s a chrome bat logo on the front grille, bat logos on the head rests, and some quite hideous red pinstripes around the bespoke 18-inch wheels, side-skirts and front bumper. To top it all off, you also get an uplighter that projects the bat symbol on the Juke’s headlining.

Other features include a Nismo bodykit for a more aggressive look, a shark fin antenna instead of the conventional aerial and the 1.6-litre 200PS turbocharged lump from the standard Juke Nismo. This is enough to propel the car from 0-62mph in a respectable 7.8 seconds. Shame it isn’t the same GTR engine from the Juke R, though.

Those of you lusting after the Batman-themed Juke Nismo may be disappointed to hear it’ll never go on sale. Nissan plans to build one example, which will be given away as part of its Built to Thrill competition, which ends on February 28th 2013. Thankfully, Nissan will begin deliveries of the standard, non-Batmanned, Juke Nismo in March 2013.

To enter the competition, head over to the Built to Thrill Web site.


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