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Cop drag races with biker on public road

US cop accepts biker to a friendly drag race. Who says the police are boring?

Police have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to interacting with motorists, but that’s usually because keeping the roads safe often involves telling people off. There are, however, a few good eggs out there that are happy to have a bit of fun on the job.

Take the unnamed cop in the ‘CBR600RR Vs. Police Harley Davidson’ video posted on YouTube. It shows a man who is wearing a helmet camera on a Honda superbike waiting at the lights in the US. He looks to his right and sees a cop pull up. At this point the rider challenges the cop to a friendly ‘race’.

Technically the cop could’ve goaded the rider of the Honda bike into a trap (we’ve seen it done in unmarked police cars before), but he instead accepts the offer of a race. The cop then has a second race at a junction, which he loses quite badly.

Admittedly the far-heavier Harley never really stood a chance, but it’s entertaining to see the cop being so blasé about it all. It’s oddly heart-warming. Just two blokes having a bit of well-intentioned fun.

Some of the YouTube comments claim the police officer lost his job because of the footage, which was uploaded by YouTube user Rusty Cannon. “The least this dumbass could’ve did was blur his face out,” one said.

Other commenters gave the cop a virtual pat on the back. “Find that Cop and buy him a beer,” the top-rated comment said. Another read: “More cops need to be like this.” The video has been viewed more than 1.4 million times. 

Unofficial reports say the officer resigned after the footage hit the internet but was asked to return to his job. He did, after all, encourage a street race although neither bike involved is being pushed too hard and both riders kept it below or near the speed limit.

Reckless or not, we can’t help but enjoy the interaction between the motorcyclists. What do you think?

CBR600RR Vs. Police Harley Davidson video


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