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Oktoberfest reveller loses car for five weeks!

If you’ve ever searched high and low in an enormous car park trying to remember where you left your vehicle, then you can no doubt empathise with ‘Antonio’ from South Tyrol, who lost his car for a whopping five weeks after Oktobefest. 

Antonio (not his real name, he was too embarrassed to give that to the press) drove to Munich from his home in Italy to take part in the Oktoberfest celebrations. He parked his silver Volkswagen Gold on a side street, before taking a tram into the city.

When he had finished celebrating and wanted to go home, he came to the realisation that he had completely forgotten where he had parked his car. Antonio told Munich’s Abendzeitung newspaper that he couldn’t remember the street’s name, only that it was “a small street without any particular features, close to a bus stop.”

Antonio couldn’t even remember which tram route he’d taken, so he couldn’t even return to the same district and retrace his tracks. If that isn’t shameful enough, Antonio was also stone-cold sober.  “I was just there for the rides”, he says.

He was eventually forced to use an alternative means home.

Antonio was unable to find his car for five weeks, despite returning to the city three times in an attempt to re-trace his steps.

He even put up posters offering a $200 reward for any information which could help him be reunited with his car. It wasn’t until a member of the public read an article about the lost car in the Abendzeitung, a publication in Munich, that they got in touch with Antonio. 

After five weeks, he was finally reunited with his beloved car and was able to drive home. 

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