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Old Lady vs Pro Racing driver Bernd Schneider in Mercedes A45 AMGs

Can an old lady beat a professional racing driver in a drag race? No is the short answer. But what if you gave the lady in question a slight technological advantage? The result, we discovered, wasn’t such a foregone conclusion.

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The latest in our Joyride video series sees Emilie Kronfli, petrolhead and mother of Recombu Mobile editor Basil, up against five-time DTM world champion Bernd Schnieder in a pair of identical Mercedes-Benz A45 AMGs. We asked Emilie to use Mercedes’ ‘Race Start’ feature, which uses an array of fancy computers and sensors to help the car accelerate as fast as possible. Berndt, on the other hand, was told to use nothing but the talents God gave him.

The result is pretty impressive, we think you’ll agree. We won’t spoil the surprise, but needless to say Race Start does an amazing job of closing the talent gap, allowing casual driver Emilie to more than compete with a man who’s dedicated his life to racing.

Watch the action below and tell us what you think in the comments.



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