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One in ten motorists think an MOT is optional

A survey by Kwik Fit has revealed one in ten motorists think an MOT is optional.

It seems a number of UK drivers are unaware of basic motoring laws, a survey by Kwik Fit suggests. One in ten motorists think an MOT is optional, while 9 per cent did not realise an MOT certificate is a legal requirement.

A further 9 per cent of those surveyed did not realise car insurance was compulsory, while 10 per cent thought having a valid tax disc was optional. In addition, 46 per cent of those surveyed believed carrying a spare tyre was required by law. 18 per cent said the same about an emergency warning triangle. Neither are legal requirements.

Roger Griggs, director of communications at Kwik Fit, said: “This widespread confusion amongst motorists is alarming and raises real concerns over driver safety and compliance with the law.”

Mr Griggs added: “It’s vital that car owners don’t rely entirely on an MOT test for vehicle maintenance, as servicing is a fundamental part of maintaining both the safety and value of a vehicle, even though it isn’t a legal requirement.”

Confusion over an MOT certificate was also highlighted in the survey results, as many believed that oil levels and the condition of a battery are checked during the test.

Mr Griggs concluded: “Our advice to motorists is to make sure they get the basics right, which include insurance, MOT, servicing and tax, as these are essential for keeping a vehicle safe and legal.” Ignorance is not an excuse.


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