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One in three parents let their kids drive illegally

Parents are more than happy to break the law when it comes to letting their children drive, if a recent survey is anything to go by.

35 per cent – more than one in three – admitted to letting their kids drive before they were legally allowed to do so, while 59 per cent said they did so on a public road, including at industrial estates and supermarket car parks.

Even more frightening is the fact 23 per cent admitted they were not even in the vehicle at the time, meaning their kids had free reign, and that 59 per cent said they let them have their first drive at the age of 16, a year before legally allowed.

The youngest age parents let their kids drive, according to the 2,157 respondents who can drive and are aged 35 and over with children aged at least five, was merely nine years old.

When asked what the main reason was for letting a child drive ilegally, 71 per cent said it was to help give them experience of controlling a car before driving lessons presumably so the parents need to pay for less of them.

23 per cent, meanwhile, said it was simply for fun and six per cent did it to show children it is a more difficult task than they think.

Reasons for the blasé approach to letting youngsters drive underage may stem from the fact nearly half (47 per cent) of those surveyed thought the legal driving age should be lowered to 16 – an age already used in some US states.

Foolish to let younger drives take to the wheel before the law says they can? Let us know your thoughts.


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