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Only a third of Brits go topless when it comes to convertibles

British motorists love the idea of open-top motoring, but the reality is most end up driving with the roof up. 64 per cent of drivers either never or rarely drop the hood, according to a survey conducted by Audi.

Most people, in the UK at least, don't bother dropping the top.
Most people, in the UK at least, don’t bother dropping the top.

That leaves just a third of drivers brave enough to put the top down and expose their barnets to the whim of unpredictable British elements.

Audi found nearly half of respondents purchased their convertible based on looks and not for sun-in-your-hair cruising on a dry day. “It is the cachet of owning an exotic open car that is the motivator rather than the practicality of having an open or closed choice,” the German car manufacturer said.

Those of us mostly likely to take our tops off are those in the 25 to 34-year-old age bracket, and East Midlanders. It was also revealed that women (39 per cent) are more likely to put the roof down than men (32 per cent), suggesting the fair sex is either braver or, dare we say it, bigger posers. Only 12 per cent of women would never have the roof down versus 27 per cent of men.

On the subject of its own drop-top cars, Audi managing director Martin Sanders explained: “Our owners want the choice. Drivers in Britain like to know they can drop their roof, especially as the weather here is so changeable. But they also know that even with the roof up, a soft top car still looks out of the ordinary and highly desirable.”

Considering the British summer is sporadic and often short-lived, we’re happy to look like show-offs in exchange for a bit more time in the sun. What about you?

Source: Auto Blog

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