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Oxford Motorcyclist fined for not wearing seatbelt

When Oxfod bike enthusiast Paul Booker was fined £60 by roadside police, he cursed his luck, got back on his bike and rode home as carefully as he could so as not to attract the ire of the law a second time.

It was only after reaching his destination did he have time to take a proper look at the ticket. Upon closer inspection, he discovered he’d been issued with a fixed penalty charge for not wearing a seatbelt.

Obviously this came as something of a shock for the man, who had earlier been told by police he was being booked for having number plates that were the wrong size.

“I wasn’t paying much attention to what he was writing, you don’t really, do you? I just accepted it,” Booker said. “They were pulling loads of people over. I don’t think I had done anything wrong. There were cars going past with lights out but when I pointed out that people were genuinely breaking the law the officer didn’t want to know.”

“I don’t mind paying a fine if I have genuinely done something wrong but to fine me for not wearing a seatbelt when I am riding a bike is ridiculous.”

Mr Booker did what any motorist would in this situation and contacted the police to have the ticket rescinded.

“I went down to Cowley Police Station on Saturday morning to see if they would tear it up but they said they couldn’t do anything. I also phoned Oxford Police Station and they said there was nothing they could do either.”

The case was only dropped after Mr Booker’s story was picked up by the Oxford Mail, who contacted the police to ask for comment. Eventually, the cops admitted their mistake and dropped the penalty.

Spokesperson Francine Rodriguez told the Oxford Mail: “I can confirm a fixed penalty notice was issued to a motorcyclist with the wrong penalty code – driving without a seatbelt – in error by a police officer. The incorrect fixed penalty notice has been withdrawn.”

“No further fixed penalties are being issued at this time.”

Via: Oxford Mail

Image: Flickr


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