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Does the Pagani Huayra have the prettiest audio system ever?

The Pagani Huayra really doesn’t need a stereo system. It’s bonkers twin-turbocharged Mercedes-sourced V8 engine provides all the aural delights most drivers ever need, but the company’s fitted one anyway and like the rest of the car it’s pretty decent.

Obviously someone inside Pagani thought it wasn’t decent enough, so the company has teamed up with high-end audio company Sonus faber to deliver a premium high-end audio setup, available as an option on all Huayras. We haven’t heard the system for ourselves, but we can tell you with all certainty it is the best looking audio setup we’ve ever seen. Probably.

The door speakers are as brilliantly crafted as the rest of the car’s gorgeous interior and the arrangement at the rear, with its three-woofer setup, looks, well, check it out for yourselves – it’s gorgeous. It should sound pretty decent, too, delivering a total 1,200 watts of total power, thrice the output of the Huayra’s factory-fitted system.

Thumping power is just part of the story. According to Sonos faber, the new audio setup features a custom digital signal processor that allows the sound to be tailored to the customer’s particular musical tastes on a whim, mimicking a concert hall, stadium at the push of a button.

The speakers in the car mimic the construction of Faber’s traditional loudspeakers and feature a vibration-free CNC hybrid avional/gunmetal structure (whatever that is) and speaker diaphragms made of ultra lightweight, ultra strong carbon. It sounds fancy, so expect reference speaker-quality audio reproduction and bass low enough to act as a laxitive. 

Mauro Grange, CEO of Sonus faber seemed relatively pleased with his company’s creation, saying: “It is an honor to work with Pagani, as the Huayra stands for timeless design and performance, values that Sonus faber has always cherished when designing its speakers. Our engineers have faced the demanding and special requirements of an automotive application with a no-compromise attitude and we are pleased to have contributed with a state-of-the-art sound system for an automotive icon.”

Expect more Sonus/Pagani mashup goodness to crop up in the near future.



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