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Paravelo flying bicycle lets you join the bat race

Bicycles are a great way of scything through rush hour traffic, but even the best riders can get held up by traffic lights, wayward pedestrians and obnoxious motorists. That’s where the Paravelo comes in. This flying bicycle may look like a totally impractical death trap (don’t all bikes?) but it could get you from A to B in no time at all.

The Paravelo looks incredibly dangerous, but also good fun.
The Paravelo looks incredibly dangerous, but also good fun.

Created by a group of UK inventors, the Paravelo is, essentially, part fold-up bike, part paramotor. On the ground, the rider can use pedal power to get it moving. However a separate fan attachment can be connected within minutes to provide enough propulsion for a clip-on fabric wing to keep the thing aloft.

The Paravelo is capable of a relatively sluggish 15mph on land, and a slightly less sluggish 25mph in the sky, where it can reach an altitude of 4,000ft. Frankly, there are faster, more practical ways to commute, but its makers imagine it could be ideal for those who regularly take trips into the countryside, not least because the fabric wing doubles up as a tent.

The makers of the Paravelo are currently seeking Kickstarter funding to make the project happen, with a view to selling the final product for £10,000.

“What we’re asking for from Kickstarter supporters is to come in at this stage of the project and to help us build the flying bicycle into a full, production ready aircraft that you can go out and buy and use and enjoy,” commented designer Yannick Read. “We’ve designed it we’ve built it we know it works and now its ready for full scale production. So with your support we can make that happen.”

If want to get involved in the project then head over to its Kickstarter page and donate some funds. Depending on how much you pledge, you could get yourself anything from a signed postcard to a limited edition non-flying bicycle based on the Paravelo prototype – not to mention the smug satisfaction that you’ll have helped turn this bonkers dream into a reality.

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