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Pedestrian narrowly escapes death as cars collide at junction

A lucky pedestrian narrowly escaped death after an out-of-control car almost ploughed into him as he was crossing the road.

The nail-biting incident of a pedestrian escaping death after he was almost hit by an out of-control-car has been captured on CCTV footage. The video, posted on, shows a man crossing a road and stopping just in time as two cars collide on his right.

The cars strike each other at a junction, sending both spinning. Although the pedestrian left unscathed, the force of the crash blew the shoes right off his feet. 

But did he act terribly dazed over what had happened? Not really. He just continued to cross the road. The crazy footage is enough to give any crazy Russian dash cam moment a run for its money. You can check out our top 10 craziest Russian dash cam moments right here.

Do you know of any crazy near-death road incidents which can top this? Let us know in the comments below.


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