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Peel Trident is probably the slowest jet-powered drag racer ever

Try not to blink, ladies and gentleman. You might miss virtually nothing of the jet-powered Peel Trident, which is seen in a YouTube video moving at the sort of pace even a glacier would mock.

The video uploaded by YouTube user Paradise Road shows the 1960s micro-car going slightly little faster than the standard 49cc engine would allow at the annual Flame & Thunder event at the Santa Pod raceway in the UK.

So slow is the Peel Trident that we were unsure whether it was just moving into position or actually racing against the clock. Still, a quarter-mile time of 23.3 seconds at a top speed of 78.42mph is better than if you walked.

To be fair to the car, which could easily be in an episode of The Jetsons, it makes up for the lack of speed with utter brilliance. Seriously, whoever decided to strap a jet to a car that could be blown over by the prevailing wind deserves a bloody-great medal.

Bit of history for you. The two-seater Peel Trident was a sporty version of the 54-inch long and 41-inch wide one-seater P50 that first appeared in 1965. The latter model went back into production in 2010 so you can enjoy a whopping 3.6hp and 28mph top speed from a mere £12,999.

Believe it or not, the Peel P50 had to hand over its Guinness World Record for being the smallest road legal car to this thing.

Watch the video below and bask in the glorious stupidity.

Peel jet car at Flame & Thunder 14


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