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Pensioner builds driveway but can’t use it because of lamp post

There’s nothing more annoying than when somebody blocks your driveway, especially when it’s with an inanimate object like a lamp post and you’re partly to blame.

Pensioner Kathleen Annals from Andover, Hampshire, was left red faced when she had a 10-yard driveway installed to make life easier for visiting relatives ─ just days after (yes, after) the council had installed a lamp post at the end of her drive.

Mrs Annals, who no longer owns a car since the passing of her husband, had the work carried out before doing the logical thing of applying to have the kerb outside her house dropped, or before asking them to remove the lamp post. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mrs Annals admitted: “This lamp post was put in by the council, I had a small wall there at first. The contractor for the driveway said that he was going to put in to the council to have a dropped kerb and he’s going to apply for the lamp post to be moved as well.”

“He thought he would do the drive first then put in for it to be moved – it’s all the wrong way round and now everybody has come and photographed it,” she added.

The council has since acknowledged an application to lower the kerb and obviously remove and relocate the offending lamp post.

“Clearly this will require the street light to be moved,” a spokesman for the Hampshire council said. “We are assisting Mrs Annals with her application for dropped curb including making the necessary arrangements for the street light column to be moved.”

Source: Daily Mail 

Image: David Hartley


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