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Pensioner kills wife by accidentally reversing over her

An elderly man from Huddersfield is mourning the loss of his wife after accidentally running over her. Reports say 86-year-old Kenneth Wood was using his wing mirror to gauge the distance from the wall when his Nissan Micra struck Mavis Woods, his wife of 39 years, knocking her down.

Mrs Wood was rushed to hospital, having sustained head injuries. The mother of two and grandmother of three was pronounced dead soon after. Daughter Lynda, aged 68, was also injured when she tried to save her mother.

“It’s been a big shock for him and for all of us, especially Mavis’s children. He has a lot of friends so I hope they are helping him through it,” brother James Wood told the Daily Mail. “Ken is devastated. He has probably been through the mill going over and over it. They were a very close couple.”

“Ken is a good driver and always has been,” James added. “I think if he wasn’t capable anymore or knew he couldn’t see properly that he would have given up driving a long time ago. This is something that could have happened to anyone, it was pure accident and nothing to do with his driving abilities.”

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed there will be an inquiry into the death of Mrs Woods, but a date has yet to be decided, presumably out of courtesy.

Mr and Mrs Wood married in 1975.

In 2009 84-year-old Colin Dickinson was reversing along his driveway in preparation for a day out when he accidentally pinned his wife of 50 years Doreen against a wall. An accidental press of the accelerator instead of the brake pedal was later blamed for the accidental death.

A recent survey found elderly motorists have a bad reputation among motorists, yet those aged over 70 and over represent 9 per cent of all drivers in the UK and cause only six per cent of driver casualties.

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