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People from the country ‘twice as likely’ to have drink-drive convictions

It seems the cider drinking, cheese consuming masses from the country (NB this writer is originally from Somerset) are twice as likely to be the not-so-proud owners of a drink-driving conviction. This is according to price comparison website MoneySuperMarket.

Out of 12 million insurance quotes taken on its website over a 12-month period, it was able to discover the worst and best areas for alcohol-related driving convictions.

Aberdeen, Scotland came out on top, with 1.521 convictions per 1,000 quotes per year, while Inverness came in second with 1.491 convictions per 1,000 quotes. That’s around twice the Greater London figure, which worked out at 0.77 convictions and three times that of North London and its 0.575 convictions, the place with the least number of offences in the UK.

The residents of Welsh cities Swansea and Cardiff were also found to be more prone to drink-driving, with a score of 1.490 and 1.485 respectively. They clearly like a drink in Scotland, with Dundee (1.486) and Kirkcaldy (1.387) both making appearances in the top 10. Carlisle, which is classed as England, came in fifth place with 1.485.

Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester and London dominated the top ten areas with the least number of offences. Bradford is the first area on the list outside of London, in fact, with a score of 0.706. Manchester came in tenth with 0.796.

It’s worth noting that people who live in cities do have the advantage of having public transport, which they can resort to once they’ve had a drink. But whether this is an extenuating circumstance will depend on your own point of view. 

The survey also looked at the worst offenders by profession. Scaffolders were the most likely to have been caught over the limit, with 4.6 offences per 1,000 quotes. Builder’s labourers, roofers and floor layers came in joint second place with a score of 4.0.

Plasters, bricklayers, soldiers, labourers, ground workers and steel workers came in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and tenth place, respectively on the worst offender list.

Midwives and paramedics were found to be the most law abiding, with scores of 0.021 and 0.028, respectively. Interestingly, although driving instructors made the top ten, they came out at the bottom below taxi drivers, scientists and head teachers.

Men were more than twice as likely to offend as women: 1.4 offences per 1,000 per year versus 0.6.

“The manual occupations at the top of the table are typical ‘thirsty’ jobs, where many workers finish work relatively early and go to the pub,” car insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket Kevin Pratt explained.

“They’re also jobs that involve early starts, driving to the site and starting work first thing the morning, even after a night out. There’s a risk workers can take to the road before the alcohol has left their system, which means they would read positive if breathalysed.”

Drink-driving can lead to a hefty fine, 12-month driving ban and even time in jail for particularly serious offences.


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