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Police crackdown on car wash sex loyalty scheme

Most roadside loyalty schemes reward you with a tape of Michael Jackson’s Bad, or if you were unlucky, a Simply Red CD. However, one car wash in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has taken to rewarding its most loyal customers with a more personal incentive.

Forget free air fresheners, one car wash was offering sexual services to loyal customers.
Forget free air fresheners, one car wash was offering sexual services to loyal customers.

Upon having your ninth car wash within a set period of time, customers are entitled to free sexual intercourse with one of nine Vietnamese lady on the tenth visit. It makes a bit of a change from a free air freshener, we guess.

Police from near Kuala Lumpur found the car wash had teamed up with a local massage parlour in the suburb of Sunway Mentari when it stumbled upon car wash loyalty cards in the pockets of five customers who were caught having sex with prostitutes.

Putting two and two together, police busted the so-called “win-win” loyalty scheme operation and arrested nine Vietnamese women believed to be prostitutes aged between 18 and 28 years old, all of whom had been working without a permit (they would probably have been fine if they had the appropriate paperwork, as prostitution is ‘restricted’ but not strictly illegal in the region). Four men, believed to be operators and caretakers, were taken to Petaling Jaya police headquarters.

Emmi Shah, a crime prevention spokespeson, said condoms had been found stashed in a microwave on the premises, and that only Chinese patrons were allowed to make use of the ‘facilities’.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen unusual takes on the loyalty scheme idea. A classic example was the Pepsi Harrier Jet offer, which claimed you would get your very own AV-8 Harrier II if you collected 7,000,000 Pepsi Points.

A clever chap named John Leonard sent in a cheque of the equivalent value to secure himself a $23 million piece of military equipment but a court case threw out his claim he was entitled to the reward.

Source: Malay Mail
Image: Flickr


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