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Police officer receives £20 in compensation after being hit by a car

A police officer who was struck by a car driven by a suspect trying to escape the scene of a crime was handed £20 in compensation.

Police constables Alex Christie and Steve Smith had been called to the scene of a suspected drug deal by an off-duty officer at Fairfield Park in the south west London borough of Kinsgston. 22-year-old Samuel Fajemisin from Lambeth was walking back to his car when the officers gave chase.

Fajemisin rushed back to his car and locked the doors before he drove at the officers at speed in an effort to escape. Both officers tried to jump out of the way, but sadly Christie’s left foot was run over, causing him to buckle over in severe pain.

Smith called for assistance before going after the escaping car on foot. Christie was taken to Kingston A&E and was left with muscle damage, which meant being unable to walk and had to spend a week on crutches.

Fajemisin managed to escape by driving the wrong way down a one-way road before abandoning the car in a nearby street. The car was later seized and a forensic examination identified the suspect, which lead to him being tracked down and charged.

A trial at Wimbledon Magistrates Court found Fajemisin guilty of assaulting a police officer and ordered the 22-year-old to pay a £1,200 fine and £500 in costs. Three penalty points were also added to his licence.

Christie, meanwhile, received £20 in compensation for his troubles. He has since returned to work and is said to be in good health.


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