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Police sacked over car-buying scam

Four police officers have been sacked for their alleged part in a car-buying scam. 

Four police officers had all placed orders for vehicles to be used by their covert police unit, knowing they could later buy them at a heavily discounted price. The police officers – a Detective Chief Inspector, a Detective Inspector, a Detective Sergeant and a Detective Constable – have all been sacked as a result of being part of the scam.

They were all based in the Lancashire Constabulary headquarters in Hutton near Preston. The unmarked police cars were regularly changed to avoid recognition, later to be sold to the public with huge discounts. But it is believed the officers ordered specific cars for police work, and then bought them for themselves later.

The force was alerted of the issue in October 2012, and the Independent Police Complaints Commission went on to investigate the allegations. The four shamed police officers were all found guilty of gross misconduct by a panel last week, and have now been sacked.

A police spokeswoman said: “The impact of their actions has brought discredit to the force.” There are also some members of the force which haven’t agreed with the court rulings. 

Rachel Baines, Lancashire Police Federation chairman, said the force are “extremely disappointed with the result.” She added: “We believe there are lessons to be learnt by the constabulary and we will be working with them to ensure future failings are avoided. The officers are considering whether an appeal is appropriate.”

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