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Police to prosecute rubberneckers after M5 motorway accident

Remember when police said they would bust rubberneckers that slowed down to look at or take pictures of accidents on the motorway? Well they weren’t lying.

Dozens of drivers were seen taking pictures of a recent crash on the M5, which took place when a caravan hit the central reservation close to Micahelwood services in Gloucester on July 28.

Don't stop and take photos on the motorway.
Don’t stop and take photos on the motorway.

Cops have confirmed that they intend to prosecute four motorists for driving without due care and attention or without consideration for other road users. Eight more are to receive warning letters over their use of mobile phones at the wheel.

PC Shelley Holloway of Gloucestershire Police said: “We were dealing with a caravan that had overturned. Thankfully nobody was injured in the collision. However the actions of several motorists who drove through the scene showed no regard for their own or of other people’s safety, as they used their mobile phones to record or video the wreckage as they passed,” reports the Western Daily Press.

She continued: “One of the causes of serious injury and fatal collisions is the use of mobile telephones. We urge motorists to switch off their telephones and lock them away if they feel temptation is too great whilst they are driving. You can only legally use your phone if mounted on a fixed point and hands free kit is used, however it is still as distracting as talking to a passenger.”


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