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Politician in Mercedes blocks ambulance while attempting to clear a path

A politician in Slovakia could soon feel the full brunt of the law after hindering an ambulance that was responding to an emergency.

Local politician and entrepreneur Boris Záhumenský was the driver of a black Mercedes SLK, which was caught on a dash camera overtaking cars and speeding while attempting to stay in front of the ambulance.

The Slovakian ambulance crew can be heard getting angry and swearing while their vehicle is repeatedly kept from overtaking as it tries to attend an 84-year-old lady who had suffered a fall. In fact, the driver remains in front for more than two and a half minutes.

In an interview with several newspapers after the incident, Záhumenský said he was in a hurry and had been following the ambulance for several kilometres. He thought the ambulance had stopped to let him overtake so he could lead the way and flash his headlights to get traffic to move over.

Defending his actions, the driver said: “I did not hesitate to risk my life and my brand new car that I only had owned for two days to do this.” It then transpired the driver swore at the ambulance crew when they passed, an allegation Záhumenský denies.

Cops have since taken away his driving and gun licences on the suspicion he could be mentally ill, according to a local newspaper report, as gun ownership in Slovakia requires a psychological evaluation.

The ambulance drivers said they, “have never experienced something like this before”, adding that: “Simply, he’s going to police, f**k him.” The ambulance finally managed to get past when the driver came to a halt at a red traffic signal.

If found guilty of public endangerment and reckless driving, Záhumenský could face between five to ten years in prison.

Záhumenský is said to have been involved in a previous incident that saw him pull a gun on someone during an argument.

While the subject of blocking an ambulance is as serious as it is stupid and dangerous, kudos to the witty YouTube commenter who lightened the mood: “Plot twist – the Mercedes is the ambulance.” Now that would have been interesting.

Video: Politician in Mercedes blocks ambulance


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