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Porsche forces Aston Martin to rename Vantage GT3

Aston Martin changed the name of one of its cars after Porsche began legal proceedings, a report in Goodwood Road and Racing has claimed.

Lawyers representing each¬†manufacturer are said to have been in discussions for a few months over the use of the ‘GT3’ name used for the ‘Vantage GT3’.

Porsche claimed GT3 is its own designation for road cars. Aston Martin argued it is now a racing category and that there was a Lotus Esprit GT3 three years prior to the 996 GT3 from 1999, not to mention a Bentley with the same name.

It seems, though, the fight has already been won by Stuttgart, as a spokesperson for Aston Martin said the British manufacturer will avoid wasting cash on litigation. The Vantage GT3 has been renamed as the GT12, while its Vantage race car will also now be known as the same thing.

In case you’re wondering, Bentley probably got away unscathed because it is part of the VW Group, which owns Porsche. Different rules apply, no doubt.

To be fair to Porsche, it is merely protecting a brand that, if most petrolheads are brutally honest with themselves, is synonymous with its cars first and foremost. Aston Martin, meanwhile, is clearly worried about the sizable legal costs and was probably wise to be the bigger man and back down.

Aston Martin was busy showing off the Vantage GT3 at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 alongside the 4×4 DBX. Only 100 limited edition models will be built, each one powered by a 600PS V12 and fitted with a titanium exhaust system, custom paintjob and other race-specific extras such as carbon fibre, race-derived seats and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres.

Before you get too excited, all 100 Vantage GT3s, sorry, Vantage GT12s have been sold for a probably ludicrious price tag.


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