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Porsche’s new Mission E takes aim at Tesla Model S

Welcome to the future, folks. Porsche has unveiled the Mission E concept – its vision of a high-performance sports car that lets you bring three passengers along for the ride – and what a ride.

The Mission E is an all-electric sports car that has four doors, four full-size seats and two electric motors – one on each axle. Together those motors produce 600bhp — that’s enough to propel the 2,000kg car from 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds – move over, Tesla Model S.

As for range, Porsche reckons it can manage ‘around 500km’ (312 miles) on a single charge, and that a new world-first 800v charging technology will allow it to charge to 80 per cent in 15 minutes.

In terms of size, Porsche want you to think of the Mission E as more of a four-door 911 than a mini Panamera. It’s as tall as the 911, 18cm wider, and slightly longer. At 2,000kg it’s also heavier, but a low centre of gravity and bonkers power and torque should ensure it’s damn exciting to drive.

The Mission E also has some highly-advanced interior gadgets. It features cameras that can track your eyes to determine what menu item you’re looking at, before launching said item at the push of a context-sensitive button on the steering wheel. More impressively, it also features holographic technology, which enables passengers to reach out and ‘grab’ items in the car’s infotainment menus.

Will Porsche ever build it? Well we’d say that’s highly likely given their bullish stance on the Mission E. Wolfgang Hatz, Porsche’s R&D chief, is quoted by Top Gear as saying “With this car we intend to start a new era with Porsche, similar to the 911 fifty years ago. This is more than a show car, it’s a concept that we can realise. To put it into production we’ll need three-and-a-half years.

There you go, then. Start saving those pennies, because it likely won’t come cheap.

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