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Professional double-parkers hired to outwit traffic wardens

Young drivers are being hired to sit in double-parked vans on the lookout for traffic wardens, it has been reported. The ‘van sitters’ accompany commercial vehicle drivers on their rounds, but stay inside the vehicle while the drivers go into premises to carry out work. Upon spotting a traffic warden, these ‘professional double parkers’ fire up the vehicle and drive away, thus avoiding fines.

The scheme, dreamed up by the boss of, pays young, unemployed drivers on average £8 per hour – peanuts compared to the £120 fines van drivers can amass by parking unlawfully in London, and that’s before clamping and release fees are taken into account.

Will Davies, boss of, believes the car-sitter scheme is completely within the law and claims to have approached Traffic Enforcement offices for Transport for London and the City of Westminster to ensure the company’s antics are legal.

“No one likes to pay fines,” Davies commented. “It’s crippling and unfair in a lot of cases. But the money paid out in fines can go to excellent use paying for young people to have meaningful employment. Everyone wins.” now has plans to extend the service to the public. “We’re thinking of rolling out the scheme to include anyone who needs a car-sitter while they attend a meeting,” Davies said.

Would you be interested in using a service of this nature? Or is Mr Davies clogging up our streets and dodging fines? Why not pay someone a nominal fee to leave us a comment on your behalf below?

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Via: AOL


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