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Project Sea Lion amphibious super car in video

We’ve seen our fair share of amphibious vehicles over the years, and they all have a few things in common. They’re unweildy-looking, impractical and slow. Project Sea Lion, a seafaring super car, aims to tackle all three issues in one fell splash.

Project Sealion can travel at 180mph on land and 60mph on water.
Project Sealion can travel at 180mph on land and 60mph on water.

Project Sea Lion was designed for the specific purpose of becoming the fastest amphibious vehicle on land. The current record stands at 125mph, but according to its makers, this oddball creation has enough grunt and the aerodynamic smarts to reach an impressive land speed of 180mph.

We can’t say we’d have much faith in the thing at those sorts of speeds. Project Sealion might look fantastically sleek, but we’re pretty sure that protruding front edge has the potential to act as a makeshift wing, providing lift rather than downforce at high speeds. Hit a bump at anywhere approaching 180mph and Project Sea Lion could become Project Airborne Deathtrap.

Its makers suggest the car could go even faster if it were to upgrade the car’s 174hp Mazda 13B Rotary engine. It’s a terrifying proposition, but the next logical step is a Renesis Rx8 unit that would provide between 300 and 500hp, but again, this could quite literally be overkill. 

Surprisingly, Project Sealion is actually available to buy. If you fancy living out James Bond fantasies and have a spare $259,500 (£161,644) then she’s all yours. You can see this remarkable machine in action in the video below. For more information, or to purchase the thing, head on over to the Fantasy Junction Web site.

Source: Autoblog


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