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Puppy outruns police on major highway

Stray puppy plays funny game of ‘Chase’ with police on a Sacramento highway

As drivers, we’re encouraged not to swerve to avoid animals in the road, in case we cause a more serious accident. Yet highway patrol cops in this video did plenty of swerving, and running, and chasing when a mischievous puppy strayed onto Highway 50 in Sacramento.

The pooch stretched police resources and patience to the limit recently when it found itself on the highway being pursued comically by dozens of officers. Not much is known about the dog, how it got onto the highway, who it belongs to or where it came from, but it is clear from the footage – captured by KXTV – that it’s considerably fitter than the human law enforcement attempting to capture it.

KXTV’s news camera crew were out filming a construction site, when they spotted the incident unfolding. Like something from a carry-on movie, the police fail abysmally to catch up with the dog, on foot or in their cars. It is understood the animal eventually ran off the highway and into a nearby neighbourhood.

Undoubtedly motorways and mutts don’t always mix. We’ve heard of dogs driving pick-up trucks into their owners, shreddig their master’s Aston Martins and killing their owners with their own cars

Our favourite dog and driver story has to be the sweet story of Tommy, the dog who is too frightened to be in the car unless his owner holds his hand, ahem, we mean paw.


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