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Range Rover driver runs over biker gang

Range Rover drivers often get a bad rap; they’re considered rude, aggressive, and selfish on the road. Bikers aren’t so squeaky clean, either, so when the two come together, pandemonium can ensue, as you’ll see for yourself in this video of a Range Rover Sport driver running over a group of bikers in New York City.

We’re not entirely sure who’s to blame for the altercation. What we do know is that, at the start of the video, a lone Range Rover Sport is seen being flanked by dozens of motorcyclists, at least one of whom is clearly unhappy about something the Land Rover driver has done.

This particular biker slows down directly ahead of the Range Rover but the car, for whatever reason, fails to stop in time and hits the biker in question. To say things escalate quickly is a bit of an understatement. The Range Rover driver appears to panic as scores of bikers approach his car and accelerates hard, knocking over a handful of bikers and running over them, and their bikes, in the process before making good his escape.

Unfortunately for the driver, that escape is very short lived. The bikers (those who hadn’t been squashed) give chase. At one point the Range Rover gets held up by another car, at which point one biker dismounts and attempts to open the driver door. The Range Rover screeches away, once again running over a biker who’d pulled in front of him.

The bikers give chase yet again and, when the Range Rover gets snarled up in traffic, at least two bikers attempt to smash the vehicle’s windows with their helmets.

The video ends abruptly at that point.

Police are still investigating, but they have revealed the driver, 33-year-old Alexian Lien, hit a motorcyclist accidentally after they had been riding erratically. Lien, fearing for the safety of his wife Roslyn Ng and young baby, aged five months, sped off, hitting several of the bikers in his path.

Lien was taken to hospital and treated for lacerations to his face and body. No other injuries were reported.

No one has been arrested, but the investigation continues.


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