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5 reasons cyclists hate motorists

Why bicycle riders hate their four-wheeled counterparts.

First we looked at 9 reasons why motorists hate cyclists. Now to keep things balanced we have flipped the tables to see what our two-wheeled friends have to put up with when it comes to bad drivers on four wheels.

Chill, Winston
Chill, Winston

1) They think riders are an inferior species

Both cars and bicycles are legally allowed to use the road, so both have equal rights to use it. Unfortunately many drivers assume that because a bicycle is smaller and slower it gives them priority over cyclists, when in reality they have no such thing. 

2) They put your cyclists lives at risk

Spend a day riding on UK roads and you will soon start to think you’re either invisible or incredibly narrow. Cars will pass you with mere millimetres to spare, which is dangerous, stupid and usually unnecessary. Chances are, motorists will grind to a halt further down the road at a set of traffic lights, at which point the rider will pass anyway. Why the rush?

3) They ruin your fresh air

Cars pump out highly damaging emissions such as volatile organic compounds that in large enough quantities can be incredibly damaging a cyclist’s health. Not to mention everyone else’s.

4) They wrongly accuse cyclists of not paying road tax

Many motorists believe that if cyclists use the road they too should pay road tax. But nobody pays road tax any more. Road tax was abolished in 1937 and replaced by Vehicle Excise Duty. Cars are taxed, not roads. Let’s also remember many cyclists also own a car. In addition, council tax and income tax funds road repairs, which cyclists pay. So there.

5) They are ignorant to cyclists’ safety needs

Cyclists are wise to ride in the middle of the road at certain times. No, really. They do this to stop cars from passing by too close on a narrow road. It also keeps them out of the way of pedestrians who fail to look both ways and opening car doors, which can cause all-manner of bodily damage. Bikes lack a crumple zone, airbags and two tonnes of metal cocoon to protect them so they need to take precautions. Drivers would do well to be aware of this.


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